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The CRUDE Advanced Driver Course is designed to build and further develop knowledge and awareness of driving a vehicle.

This course is currently available to Secondary Schools and Businesses. Ages 16+. You do not require a drivers licence to complete this course but it is highly advised to be able to transfer the knowledge and skills gained. This course will be available to the general public again soon.

Theory is broken up in to 3 modules - Awareness, Road Law & Vehicle Dynamics. Quality, evocative content is showcased to witness the reality of situations and the consequences related to them. During the theoretical component there is plenty of interaction and discussion on the various content delivered.

Utilising a simulator, participants can learn basic steering and pedal control in a safe environment along with witnessing the various dangers associated with Vehicle Dynamics, such as hard braking and loss of control. This gives all participants knowledge on what they should avoid when driving in reality.

The practical component of the Advanced Driver Course involves opening up the hood of a vehicle to learn where fluids are and how to maintain them. Along with this unique component, there are Practical Driving Lessons (sold separately) that reinforce everything from the Advanced Driver Course. Tyre changing is optional.

The CRUDE Advanced Driver Course runs for around 1.5 - 2hrs depending on the amount of participants. This course can be tailored to a School or Companies needs by eliminating or adding modules such as 'tyre changing' and/or splitting up into 2 groups. All theory modules are compulsory. Participating in the simulator exercise is at a participants discretion and allows for around 1 minute of use each.

Secondary Schools will receive this course at 40% OFF the standard price, per head. A minimum of 15 participants is required and a maximum of 30. Higher numbers will require split groups for the simulator exercise and maintenance/tyre changing. Upon completion, participants may be offered a complimentary Practical Driving Lesson depending on their location.

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