Advanced Driver Course in Country Victoria!

Thanks to Adrienne Kreegher from PC Plus Driving & the Yarriambiack Shire Council, we were able to deliver the CRUDE Advanced Driver course to a cohort of several young learner and probationary drivers in country Victoria for the first time! 🙏

This holistic driver education course was built from the ground up in 2015 in an effort to bring together multiple elements to promote more knowledge and create safer driving in the name of Road Safety.

Although the Government is doing some of their part with Road Safety, we have always felt Driver Education has been neglected.

Being able to share the blood, sweat and tears that us passionate professional driving instructors go through is immensely appreciated.

Our mission is to reduce road trauma through comprehensive driver education and this unique course has helped us with that mission. We just wish to share it more…

For more information on the course, visit:

See all the photos from the course delivery below…

Thanks for reading this blog post! 🙂