Learner permit, probationary, full and overseas licenced drivers can request driving lessons!

An Experience Beyond the Licence!


CRUDE Ultimate Driving Education provides some of the most defensive driver training on the market on public roads! We want to educate drivers holistically, giving them a wealth of knowledge and skills. The mission is to ultimately reduce road trauma through comprehensive driver education, creating a world of advanced drivers.

Kendall Lao
Kendall Lao
May 29, 2024.
Courtenay is an outstanding driving instructor in Melbourne. Not only would he assist you to pass the driving test, he also share his knowledge about safety, best practice and courtesy as road user. His YouTube channel provides loads of educational videos and live streams, which is incredibly informative, authentic, engaging and valuable. 👍🏼👍🏼
Connor Fryer
Connor Fryer
May 4, 2024.
Couldn’t thank Courtenay enough. Helped me pass my test, and made me confident to drive again. Previously undertaken the driving test twice (and failed) in the UK at age 22, put off lessons for a while but Courtney helped build up my driving ability again, and gave me self-confidence to drive. Passed the first time with his assistance and actually enjoy driving now. Was extremely patient and helpful when undertaking lessons and gave me some really good tips and instructions which I’ll use to carry on when I drive on my own. I could not recommend highly enough, thanks Courtenay!!
Mica Mendiola
Mica Mendiola
February 15, 2024.
I wanted to learn a lesson about how to drive. Also, I'm deaf. He asked me how to sign the words for topics like roads. I taught him sign language using Auslan. He understands well basic Auslan. We can communicate with notes and sign language with drive like the directions of signs. He wanted to learn how to Auslan. It was a good experience with crude driving education. He's doing an amazing job. I noticed he taught me how to drive. I was experienced with about everything. Please keep ongoing support CRUDE Ultimate Driving Education.
Delima Shanti
Delima Shanti
January 29, 2024.
Courtenay was the 3rd instructor I had on my learner driving rodeo, and I was so happy I found him! Prior instructors have been too focused on just passing the test, but Courtenay’s all about driving skills for life and safety first and foremost. I passed my driving test using the tips Courtenay shared with me but 100% I’ll keep coming back for refresher sessions to keep my skills and confidence up. Thank you so much for your guidance Courtenay!🫡🫡
Andy P
Andy P
January 18, 2024.
Courtenay from Crude Driving is a very friendly and professional instructor. Not only did I pass my driving test at the first go, but he has also taught me to drive safely and confidently. Would highly recommend.
Eddie Montoya
Eddie Montoya
August 9, 2023.
I'm a new Driving Instructor and have been trying to slowly dip my toes in the water as a driving coach. I reached out last year for guidance on getting a suitable car for this field and Cortz went out of his way to give me really useful and detailed information for me to be confident in my car selection. I'm working with my first student who is preparing to go for their P's test. I thought I'd try my luck to see if I was able to gain a bit more insight for what to inspect and how to prepare myself and my student. Once again, I was pleasantly surprised with how he gave up some time to chat with me and even give me an offer to accompany him on a drive to where my students testing location would be. His experience and professionalism is very easy to see within minutes of working with him. I would confidently recommend him if your a learner looking for someone that is capable, a driving instructor looking for support in the field, or even an experience driver looking to refine your skills. Keep up the great work, and look forward to working with you again 🙂
Ella Coulson
Ella Coulson
July 28, 2023.
Extremely knowledgeable, nice, and helpful teacher 10/10 recommend courtenay!!
Adelle Soares
Adelle Soares
July 20, 2023.
I have just got my Australian Driver License after one month practicing with Courtenay. He is a super patient, clear, helpful and easygoing instructor. He is always giving good tips about driving safely all the time, not just for the test. I do recommend him!!
A Withers
A Withers
June 18, 2023.
I had a great experience with Courtenay, he’s an excellent instructor and I immediately felt at ease. He helped me in preparing for a driving test which I passed - I’m absolutely sure that the work we did together meant I was in the best position for a positive outcome :)
Saffron Swire
Saffron Swire
June 15, 2023.
Courtenay was the perfect instructor for helping me regain my driving confidence after not being in a car for over a year. He is patient and clear in his instruction and I couldn't recommend him enough for those wanting to feel safer on the roads.


Normally drivers would seek a defensive driving course which is provided at an off-road facility like a race track. At CRUDE, all drivers are taught how to drive defensively in every single lesson!


Did you know the average student that learns to drive with CRUDE is 25+ years old and female! Driving lessons can be provided to anyone and everyone with a learner permit, probationary, full or overseas driver's licence


Many drivers come to CRUDE from other Driving Instructors saying they weren't taught enough or were fed misinformation. Quality of training is imperative to how a driver makes decisions, drives appropriately, and avoids collisions


Technology is taking over our responsibility as drivers and strict unnecessary controls are being put in place on our roads. Therefore it is our collective responsibility to pave the roads with better drivers. Together we can change everything!


Every student that comes to CRUDE invests in a licence for life, attaining knowledge and skills they may not acquire form another Driving School. From standard driving lessons to more advanced and specific lessons to a comprehensive course delivered to schools and companies
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Courtenay, your Driving Educator is a passionate individual that loves driving! Courtenay is a coach and a mentor, he will ensure you are in control of everything and will challenge you to become the best driver you can be! Find out more...
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Check out the various suburbs available for practical driving lessons with Courtenay
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Once truly ready, you will be supported with acquiring your Victorian driver's licence
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