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Welcome to the online trial of the Advanced Driver Course, FREE of charge!

UPDATE 30/08: closed captioning will be available
UPDATE: 31/08: Both live streams will open at 4 pm

What is involved?

Utilising the Twitch platform, participants can interact and engage live and online with this driver education course.

For this online trial course, I will be delivering the following theory modules:

  • Forgotten Law
    Update and / or refresh knowledge on particular rules according to the Road Safety Road Rules 2017, with dash cam footage for a visual reference. Interact with a live poll, guessing fine amounts for particular rules, and participate in an interactive mobile phone activity. 
  • Awareness
    A demonstration and discussion on instruments, observation, distractions, patience, communication, etiquette, fatigue and road rage. This will also feature dash cam footage.
  • Vehicle Dynamics
    A demonstration and discussion on various physics and dynamics a vehicle can output that can cause harm if not avoided. This will utilise recorded footage from a simulation racing game, and real life dash cams.
  • Dash Cam Analysis
    A discussion on dash cam videos of potential avoidable scenarios using real on-road footage .

How to get involved… 

You can watch the live stream at

Please understand the following:

  • In order to watch the live stream, you do not require a Twitch account!
  • In order to chat and interact with the live stream, you will need to sign up to the Twitch platform.
    (click here)
  • If you have a Twitch account, follow the CRUDEDriving+ Twitch for notifications and support.
    (click here)
  • Participants who have a Twitch account will be able to interact with live polls and predictions, ask questions and participate in questions being asked from the presenter.

When is this happening?


Saturday, September 4th, 2021

Live Stream Start Time:
4:00 pm

Course Start Time:
4:30 pm

Approx Course Runtime:
2.5-hours maximum, with a 5-minute intermission



Date: Tuesday, August 31st, 2021

Time: 4:30 pm

Approx Runtime: 2.5-hours maximum, with a 10-minute intermission

Cost: FREE

Why is this happening?

Due to the crippling nature of the lockdowns in Victoria, and the inability to operate this business on-road, we need to test the online capability of this course to see if it is viable in the preparation of potential future lockdowns.

Your assistance, feedback and review of this course is highly appreciated and welcomed in shaping the future of this business which has suffered immensely over lockdowns.

Participants will receive further information after each trial on how they can provide feedback and submit a review.

For all information on the Advanced Driver Course visit:

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