The CRUDE Advanced Driver Course is designed to build and further develop your knowledge and awareness of driving a vehicle

Theory is broken up into 3 modules: Awareness, Road Law & Vehicle Dynamics. Quality, powerful content is showcased in order to experience the reality of situations and the consequences related to them.

On a simulator, participants learn basic steering and pedal control in a safe environment and witness the dangers associated with vehicle dynamics such as hard braking and loss of control. This gives participants knowledge of what to avoid in reality.

The practical component of the Advanced Driver Course involves opening up the hood of a vehicle to learn about fluids and how to maintain them, check tyre treads and pressure, and witness or participate in changing a tyre.

Combining these components with practical driving lessons (sold separately) will allow students to reinforce all the information learned and so ensure a confident, assertive and considerate driver on Victorian roads

The Advanced Driver Course is available to secondary schools and companies with a maximum of 20 participants. The course can be tailored to suit particular needs. Extra participants can be considered.

Together, we can reduce collisions, injuries and fatalities on our roads, and it starts with you!

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Check out a video of the Advanced Driver course being delivered with Deaf Children Australia's Ready, Set, Drive program...

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