I'm volunteering my time to help people under 21 years of age that require 120 hours of driving in Victoria! (Terms & Conditions apply)

Usually at the end of each month, I will be volunteering 4 to 5 hours on a weekend to provide people under 21 years of age with my professional, defensive and holistic driver training for FREE!

I don't believe the 120 hour requirement is necessary, and that quality education and training is the key. How many hours a driver completes is dependant on how they handle each driving task. Regardless, I'm offering my time for free to help build the hour requirement set by our Government...


Due to this being a voluntary and FREE service. We will conduct all lessons from the VicRoads Carlton Customer Service Centre at 459 Lygon Street, Carlton, Victoria. This is one of the best places to learn with access to quiet back streets, busy main roads, Melbourne CBD and freeway access!


What people say about me and CRUDE Ultimate Driving Education...


Courtenay is a fantastic driving instructor. I came to driving a little later than most people, and was worried about the difference between driving well and just passing the test. Courtenay's focus on safety, his extensive knowledge and his clarity of instruction have all been invaluable to me. Courtenay is providing a fantastic service that you probably won't find anywhere else - if you care about you or your children becoming safe and aware drivers, not just ones that can pass the test, book in lessons with Courtenay!


I highly recommend Courtenay to anyone who’s a complete beginner in driving. He has been patient and encouraging since the very first day I started. Throughout my journey as a learner, I felt extremely supported, at the same time I was given enough space to learn how to be an independent driver. He doesn’t just teach us to pass the final test, he imparts to his students knowledge and skills that are required to be a good driver in future. I found his 2 hours lesson on the freeway and windy country roads very useful as well.


CRUDE Driving was an excellent education in how to be a safe, responsible and confident driver! Courtenay is a professional, patient and passionate teacher that gives you a down to earth environment to learn the full gamut of driving with zero anxiety. I’m proud to say that I passed my test first time after my education with Courtenay, but I’m more proud to say that I’ve learnt how to be a positive and safe contribution to the roads we all share. Thank you!!


To find out the next available date, and if you're eligible for this FREE service