Getting your licence is awesome! You want to be looking cool, but driving with one hand and the seat reclined all the way back is actually pretty silly. However, driving with your hands positioned like a race car driver, having the seat upright for full control, and knowing that you are more advanced than everyone else, that is cool!

At CRUDE Ultimate Driving Education, you are educated on vehicle dynamics and car physics, along with basic knowledge on maintenance, and not to mention, extensive road law and roadcraft techniques. You will also be taught on the freeway, country road, gravel roads, and in the city to ensure you're truly ready for solo driving.

Getting into a collision sucks! It puts your car out of action, limits your freedom and costs you money. At CRUDE Ultimate Driving Education you will be educated and trained to avoid collisions, but it is up to you to follow this training in order to stay collision free.

Besides becoming a knowledgable and advanced driver by learning to avoid collisions, maintain your vehicle, multi-task with your vehicle's instruments, drive in varying conditions, CRUDE Ultimate Driving Education will support you through achieving your P1 / P2 or full Victorian driver's licence.

Together we can reduce injuries and deaths on our roads and it starts with you!