Maintenance & Tyre Changing

CRUDE Ultimate Driving Education offers everyone the opportunity to learn about basic maintenance & tyre changing!

Learning the basics of how to maintain a vehicle and change a tyre are some of the ways we can ensure our vehicle is safe and in working order. 

Since 2015!

Since the dawn of CRUDE Ultimate Driving Education in 2015, the focus has always been holistic driver training, providing high standards of driver education that doesn’t just focus on the VicRoads drive test!

Above, is an image from the first course delivery which was the Compulsory Course, now the Advanced Driver course. As part of this course, every candidate witnesses and/or participates in the changing of a tyre.

Alongside tyre changing, candidates of the course witness and/or participate in basic maintenance. From understanding warning lights, to popping the hood, to identifying basic fluids, everyone is provided with some basic knowledge and skills to help them keep their vehicle safe and in working order. 

Above, is an image from 2019 of the Advanced Driver Course being delivered to a secondary school with the entire class looking under the bonnet and discussing basic maintenance. 

Advanced Driver course:


People who are looking for this type of driver training do not need to participate in the Advanced Driver course, as a 45-minute Maintenance & Tyre Changing lesson is offered as an on-road service.

We meet at your location, and usually drive to a nearby petrol station to complete the basic maintenance component of the lesson.

The tyre changing component is completed at a safe location nearby as well.


As an example of tyre changing, below is an image of a students car’s boot space, this student has their full licence! You don’t need to be a learner driver to learn something new. We completed the tyre changing component of our lesson at the VicRoads in Carlton in the car park. 


At CRUDE Ultimate Driving Education, high standards of driver training are at the forefront of achieving the mission, vision and goals! Every driver should have the knowledge and skill in basic maintenance and tyre changing.

This is just some of many things that should be a standard requirement before getting a solo driver’s licence. In Australia, acquiring a driver’s licence is lacking this type of education.

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