October 17, 2015

Frequently Asked Questions – CRUDE Ultimate Driving Education

These FAQs are specific to CRUDE Ultimate Driving Education

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What makes CRUDE Ultimate Driving Education different from other Driving Schools?

CRUDE Ultimate Driving Education’s mission is to reduce road trauma through comprehensive driver education. This means that all drivers are educated defensively and holistically, focusing on many aspects of driving, rather than just focusing on the VicRoads drive test, for example.

What times are you open?

Opening hours for phone and email contact are Monday – Friday, 9 am – 5 pm.

Driving lesson times are currently subject to the availability of the driving educator, Courtenay.
You can expect availability Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday, 9 am – 5 pm.

What areas do you cover?

Currently CRUDE has one driving educator, Courtenay, that services some of the inner-city and northern suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

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Where and how do I book in a lesson?

You can call in or email to book in your first lesson.

Once the first lesson is completed, students are granted access to automated online bookings depending on their suburb location where they can book themselves in 1-day before and up to 1 month in advance.

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Can anyone book lessons?

Anyone with a learner permit, P1 / P2, or full/overseas driver’s licence can book in lessons.

What are my payment options?

Direct Deposit ONLY. 
An invoice will be sent after each lesson with the direct deposit details.

Do you offer automatic and manual?

Currently, there is only an automatic vehicle available.
You may use your own personal manual vehicle provided you sign a responsibility agreement.

Do I need to bring my logbook/MyLearners app? (Learner Drivers ONLY)

It is a government requirement that Victorian learner drivers log 120 hours of driving lessons in their logbook and/or MyLearners app. For every practical driving lesson, you will need to bring your logbook and/or MyLearners app to have your hours recorded.

How do parents / supervising drivers get involved?

CRUDE offers parents / supervising drivers the chance to attend lessons for FREE. However, parents / supervising drivers must understand that they are not partaking in any of the activities performed and only required to observe and ask questions if needed.



How much-advanced notice do I have to book in a practical driving lesson?

You have 1-day advanced notice to book a practical driving lesson.

How do I purchase a practical driving lesson?

An invoice will be sent after each lesson with direct deposit details.

How much does a practical driving lesson cost?

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Can I purchase lessons in bulk?

Yes, you can ask to pre-purchase x amount of lessons if you wish.
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How long does a practical driving lesson run for?

Standard practical driving lessons are available for 60, 90, and 120 minutes (2hrs).

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What if I am late or unable to attend a practical driving lesson?

Understandably you may have unforeseen circumstances that prevent you from attending a practical driving lesson.

For further information about rescheduling and cancelling, please refer to the Cancellation Policy in the Terms and Conditions



What options are there for maintenance?

During any practical driving lesson, students may go through basic maintenance tasks such as filling up petrol and tyre pressures, opening the hood to check fluids, and change a tyre upon request.

There is also the option to book a Maintenance & Tyre Changing lesson which specifically focuses on these tasks.



Does CRUDE provide simulation lessons?

Currently CRUDE only provides a simulator experience during the Advanced Driver Course.
Individual lessons will be available in the near future.



What courses does CRUDE offer?

CRUDE Ultimate Driving Education currently offers the Advanced Driver Course.
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What options are there when going for the VicRoads Drive Test?

For all information on the testing with CRUDE Ultimate Driving Education, please visit: https://www.crudedriving.com.au/education/testing/



What is CRUDE’s refund policy?

CRUDE does not offer refunds if you simply change your mind on the purchase. However, if you believe that we have wrongly described the product and service we offer, we will then do our best to help resolve misunderstandings; otherwise, we will refund your purchase.

What is CRUDE’s cancellation policy?

CRUDE requires a minimum of 24 hours notice to cancel or reschedule your lesson or a fee may apply.


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