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Welcome back!

It is with great excitement to be back in the public eye as CRUDE Ultimate Driving Education is now offering services to everyone once again.

All COVID-19 information can be found at

Unparalleled Services

A dedicated page has now been added with all the services on offer with CRUDE Ultimate Driving Education. Please visit

Look out for more services coming soon:

  • Live streaming and recording of lessons with multiple cameras to give students the opportunity to witness their growth from their lessons, and allow others to see how professional driving lessons are conducted.
  • GPS training whereby students set a route, listen to the GPS, and drive solo as much as possible.
  • Online courses
  • Manual vehicle option


Promotions are now back and better than ever, head over to to check out what’s on offer.

100% Quality

At CRUDE Ultimate Driving Education, professionalism, quality of training, and customer service is of utmost importance!

Your driving educator, Courtenay, ensures his car is cleaned inside and out every morning before lessons begin. As per the COVID-19 policy, the vehicle’s high touch surfaces are wiped down inside and out with anti-bacterial wipes. Sanitiser is available in the vehicle and disposable masks are available upon request when a student is unable to provide their own.

Please visit the education home page for information on everything related to CRUDE Ultimate Driving Education. Click here.

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