Book an appointment with CRUDE Ultimate Driving Education using SetMore Parents - Why should you send your learner driver to CRUDE?

CRUDE prides itself on educating your learner with more than the average driving school. Focusing on overlooked tasks such as Freeway/Country Road driving, Basic Maintenance, Vehicle Dynamics and Multi-tasking. The ultimate goal is to ensure they are collision free for their solo licence.

Scenarios are created, demonstrated or explained for your learner to understand the dangers and consequences. For example: every student undertakes an emergency brake test. This allows for transferable knowledge that can assist in controlling a situation rather than responding to it after it has happened.

CRUDE involves training on managing instruments, playing music, having discussions and carrying passengers whilst driving and obeying the road law safely. *Please be advised that this training is in the later stages of a learners development.

During the Advanced Driver Course or Driving Lessons, learner drivers are educated & trained on keeping a vehicle maintained through methods of driving and checks under the hood. CRUDE even gets students to fill up petrol and tyre pressures! This will ensure they keep their vehicle on the road, hassle free and for as long as possible.

All parents and supervising drivers are welcomed and encouraged to attend the Advanced Driver Course and Driving Lessons, which keeps everyone on the same level. As a parent or supervising driver, it is your job to allow your learner to build experience through regular drives in all conditions, bringing them back to an educator for the technical aspects & fine tuning.

CRUDE's Advanced & Holistic training is a high quality service. By choosing CRUDE as your learners Educator, you can be certain they will be getting an unparalleled training experience that focuses on all aspects of driving a vehicle!

Technology in vehicles is improving, roads are getting better, restrictions are tightening, yet we are still crashing into each other and causing road trauma. Together we can reduce injuries and deaths on our roads, by paving a new generation of advanced drivers.

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