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Highly recommend Crude driving school, as they give comprehensive lessons as well as superb service! Adam is an awesome instructor who helped me pass my test and become a safe driver.
- Harrison -

I am now a proud solo driver! I can honestly say that the CRUDE team is the A Team. Thank you Adam and Courtenay for being so patient and dedicated. We did it!
- Sarah -

Excellent teachers, who are helpful, insightful and will do their utmost to make sure you are driving safely above all else. Couldn't recommend anyone better.
- Riley -

Courtenay is the most patient, understanding experienced instructor I have ever had the pleasure of learning from. I've had countless of instructors that have made me almost completely given up on getting my Ps. He understands us new drivers make mistakes and instead of yelling, he is always encouraging and is insanely passionate about every student he teaches to be the safest drivers on the road. If you are looking for the best driving instructor in Melbourne, Courtenay's your man! I can't recommend him enough!
- Aidah -

Great driving instructor. Learnt a tonne of things I didn't know and helped me pass the test easily.
- Thimios -

Courtenay is an affirmative and realistic driving instructor that took my driving from uncertainty to complete confidence in my abilities in very little time at all. His calm and understanding personality makes him the perfect teacher for passionately educating new drivers on being safe and smart on the road. Always willing to go beyond the basic instruction and teach you things you might not learn until you're out on the road solo, I couldn't recommend his instruction enough. If you're looking to become the best driver you can be, get in contact with him, an absolute champion. Cheers mate!
- Nathan -

"Courtenay was amazing, patient and caring towards my son who passed his license test on the first attempt. I recommend Crude Ultimate Driving to all learners who wish to learn how to drive with confidence and skill and pass their test. Thanks Crude and thanks Courtenay for showing my son how to be a better more confident driver. He is so happy driving now."
- Rosie -

"The course was very good and informative, covering everything about road laws to the car's dynamics."
- Makayla -

"Learnt heaps of new things about cars and rules and things such as fines. Was helpful. Raised awareness."
- Thomas -

"Every Learner Driver should do this course. In fact - every driver! Lots of information in an interesting and dynamic experience."
- Joanne -

""I attended this course with my daughter. It certainly was very well presented and kept the audience captivated for the whole time. Would definitely recommend."
- Juliet -

"The road laws, cost of fine and number of demerit points made it much more real and relevant. The simulator was awesome!!"
- Marie -

"I really enjoyed the Advanced Driver Course, I think the simulator was a great experience"
- Liana -

"I thought the Advanced Driver Course was well executed in terms of the information provided which builds great knowledge that us new drivers should have. Well done on the basic maintenance, that's something we need to know before we even get in a car!"
- Claudio -

"A different type of driving lesson that focuses on important elements of driving that are often overlooked in a standard driving school"
- John -

"Even though I have been driving as a learner for a while now, I still took a lot out of the Advanced Driver Course. It was very professional and informative, and I especially liked the hands on approach it took"
- Jessica -

"CRUDE covers everything you need to know to be a solo driver, but not just how to drive, how to maintain your car and change a tyre"
- Stephanie -

"For someone with no experience driving, this was a great course and suitable for people at any level. The simulator is a fantastic idea and helped me get to know how a real car might feel"
- Samantha -

"I liked the course, it taught me information on the consequences of road law and I learnt how to change a tyre"
- Nick -

"Loved the simulator experience in the Advanced Driver Course"
- Diane -

"Interesting and very informative/engaging. Really enjoyed seeing real dash-cam footage highlighting some of the mistakes people make while driving"
- Lauren -

"Very informative and relaxed environment to learn in"
- Jake -

"Great work, love the vehicle dynamics part of the Advanced Driver Course"
- Adam -

"Good visuals, great comprehensive course. It should be an absolute requirement for new drivers"
- Robert -

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