Services & Pricing Update

Please read the below carefully…

As we all know, many costs have increased! To be able to operate this driving school well into the future we are forced to change our services and pricing. From Monday, July 8th, 2024, the below changes will be in-effect. 

➡️ Packages will no longer be available for purchase

➡️ All standard driving lessons, advanced driving lessons and NDIS funded driving lessons will increase accordingly. For more information on these increases, please visit

NDIS providers and clients will be updated personally via emails asap.

➡️ Invoices will now be sent using Square® and you will have the option to make credit/debit payments (subject to surcharge) or direct deposit payments (no surcharge). MUST ONLY PAY VIA THE DIRECT DEPOSIT DETAILS IN THE INVOICE (Updated 10/07/24)

Updates have already been made across the website and multiple platforms used. Those that have appointments booked until the end of this week will be charged at the previous costs and will still receive invoices as attached PDF documents via

I hope many of you can understand why we required these changes and I look forward to continuing our driving journey together. 

Courtenay Rufus
Director and Driving Educator
CRUDE Ultimate Driving Education

Thanks for reading this blog post! 🙂