November 14, 2020

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Welcome to your home for various resources while learning to drive with CRUDE Ultimate Driving Education!

This section of the website is intended for students learning to drive with CRUDE Ultimate Driving Education, however, anyone may use the content here to assist them in learning to drive.

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Reference Sheets

    1. Reverse Parallel Parking
    2. Roundabouts
    3. Right Turns at Traffic Lights

Vehicle Systems & Controls (NEW)

    1. Lighting

Reference Sheets

1. Reverse Parallel Parking (RPP) click image


2. Roundabouts (RA) click image


3. Right Turns at Traffic Lights (RTTL) click image

Click image

Click image

Click image

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Vehicle Systems & Controls

1. Vehicle Lighting
*This is specific to the 2022 Hyundai i30 Sedan N


  • Parking lights are a low level light compared to dipped (low beam) headlights. They can be used when parked or during dawn and dusk times. They can be left on when parked for prolonged periods of time. They are not sufficient enough while night time driving.

*The 2022 Hyundai i30 Sedan N’s Daytime Running Lights (DRLs) are also the parking lights.
For information on what DRLs are, visit:


  • Low Beam Headlights are dipped headlights that allow for the best brightness during night time driving without blinding other road users. As part of CRUDE Ultimate Driving Education’s method’s, we drive with these headlights on all the time – rain, hail or shine!

Question: why drive with headlights on low beam all the time?

Answer: we are less likely to be involved in a collision due to our increased visibility. Our rear tail lights are lit as well, providing extra visibility from the back. There are various articles that can be found online that prove this theory!

*Parking lights remain on with low beam headlights! 
* Legally, we must have our headlights on during the night or in hazardous weather conditions causing reduced visibility!
The fine is the same as the below for using high beam headlights illegally…


  • High Beam Headlights are centred (not dipped) and are very intense with no glare control! They are used to see further down roads during night time driving. It is illegal to use high beam headlights when a vehicle is in-front of the driver (less than 200 metres). These lights can be blinding to any road user and should only be used when alone on the road at night. 
  • FINE & DEMERIT POINTS (22/23): $277 +1 POINT (Changes every financial year)


  • Fog Lights are to be used when driving in fog or other hazardous weather conditions causing reduced visibility (like heavy rain). They are illegal otherwise! Fog lights can dazzle other road users.
  • FINE & DEMERIT POINTS (22/23): $185 +0 POINTS (Changes every financial year)

Remember that some vehicles have front fogs lights. Rear and front fog lights can differ in colour but normally front is green and rear is orange or red. Regardless, you can tell the different by the position of the symbol (see example below)…


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