Learner Drivers

Do you remember what it was like learning to drive?

Respect the process

We get a lot of road users that see us out on the roads with our L-plates up and do not respect the process that both the learner driver and driving educator are going through.

It is unclear where any learner driver is at in their learning process. The learner may only just be starting out, learning basic car control, something we experienced drivers can do with ease.

Learner drivers and driving educators do not have a readily available off-road facility they can learn in, therefore they must use public roads.

Every road user has a responsibility

Whether we are a driver, cyclist, pedestrian, or rider, every single road user must take responsibility in their actions and have respect and patience around learner drivers.

Realise that the learner driver is abiding by the set rules and regulations that most road users break on a daily basis, and that there are specific rules attached to various road users.

Take a refresher

Need an update? Why not book in a practical driving lesson to refresh your knowledge and skills. Learning to drive with CRUDE Ultimate Driving Education has proven to create a deeper understanding of driving.

Driving lessons can also create a better understanding and respect when we become another road user such as a pedestrian or cyclist.

Thanks for reading this blog post! 🙂